Covid-19 relief “ Food for Hunger”

Under the “Food for  Hunger”  Darakhht Chhanv Foundation has stepped up to combat hunger in the district by providing basic food supplies to underprivileged families who cannot afford two square meals a day. The idea behind this campaign is to save people from dying due to malnutrition and hunger. Food is as basic as air and water but some people are struggling every day to survive without any food.

Poor nutrition due to lack of food leads to bodily weakness which in turn leads to greater susceptibility to illness and death. Thus poor nutrition, as caused by hunger and poverty, is probably the major crippler of poor people and the major cause of death today in young children.

COVID 19 Relief Work by Darakht Chhanv Foundation.

Mission “Feed the Hungry”, with providing a “Hunger Survival Ration Kit”

The second wave is spreading to the rest of the country.

With a lack of facilities like online consultation with a doctor, essential medicines, ORS, multivitamins and nutritious food, people in villages and small towns face the brunt of the pandemic that is little known to the world. Not everyone in need is looking for a hospital bed and oxygen cylinders, but some basic over-the-counter medicines, some nutritious foods, a dry ration that can help them fight Covid-19 and help them in the recovery phase is all they need.

During the second wave, Darakht Chhanv Foundation began a “Feed the hungry service” by offering Ration and health kits, which we have so far helped over  305 families affected by this lockdown in Covid-19. We are active in helping many more.

From distributing health and ration kits to slums (Nomadic, Smithy, sex worker, garbage picker, and other poorest and needy people) the members of the Darakht Chhanv Foundation have been very active for awareness about covid 19 on the ground during the pandemic.

“We have been regularly providing food and ration packages to slum dwellers and others,” Each ration package for a family of five to seven contains ingredients include Rice, Dal, Salt, Oil, Sugar, Chili Powder, Turmeric Powder, and coriander powder, Flour, Dettol, Liquid Handwash, Dettol or Disinfectant Soap, Masks, Sanitary Napkins, Biscuits (for children). 

Ration Kit:-

The least that we can do is giving everyone a chance to give a tough fight against this virus. Please help us do that and donate to those who need some care in these times.

Feel Free To Click On Millap It Will Give Them “Ray Of Hope”

To make this possible, Darakht Chhanv Foundation has launched a campaign #Campaigns for Kids and Families: “A Ray of Hope” & Food for Hunger” wherein we aim to distribute at least 1000, Ration and wellness kits –